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How to Comply with Federal Hazardous Materials Regulations
This document provides only a general overview of the requirements for transporting hazardous materials by highway.For more specific requirements, carriers and shippers should consult the most current edition of 49 CFR Parts 100-185. Motor carriers should also consult the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
The regulations and procedures for shipping “hazardous” materials apply to all individuals involved with the transportation/shipping of hazardous materials.
This includes all those individuals who arrange for transport and/or may engage in any of the following activities involving hazardous materials:

• Filling packages
• Marking and labeling packages
• Preparing shipping papers, handling, loading, securing and segregating packages within
a transport vehicle, freight container or cargo hold, and transporting.  
The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) enacts and enforces all hazardous materials
(hazmat) transportation laws in the United States. Compliance with DOT regulations is a
requirement for any person who offers a hazardous material for transportation.  

Hazmat packaging and supplies is dedicated to keeping your shipments and packages in compliance with labeling and marking regulations, by providing an extensive selection of hazard class labels, international handling labels, Hazardous waste labels and many more.We print our labels on several durable and weather-resistant materials. Choose from gloss paper, Thermal abel™, laser vinyl, and others to meet your labeling needs. Our labels are printed with premium inks to ensure crisp, clear graphics and wording. All labels are backed with industry-standard adhesives that have been tested to stick on a variety of substrates.For information on properly applying labels to your shipments see our

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DOT Shipping Labels
Gloss Paper 
Vinyl Outdoor Material Label

DOT Proper Shipping Name Labels
Gloss Paper Blank 
Vinyl Outdoor Material Blank
Gloss Paper Preprinted 
Vinyl Outdoor Material Preprinted
Directional Arrows, This Side up Labels
Gloss Paper (8)
Red (1)White (7)
Limited and Excepted Quantity Labels
Gloss Paper (19)
Vinyl Thermal abel Outdoor(2)

Cargo Aircraft Labels
Rolls 500


Dry Ice Labels 
Gloss Paper (2)
Blank and Preprinted

Lithium Battery Labels Product Code: 
Overpack LabelsLB-USL3700

International Labels
Child Warnings
Do Not Lift (1)
Do Not Stack (1)
Fragile / Handle with Care(10)
Keep Dry (4)
Refrigerate / Freeze (9)
Top Heavy (4)
Do Not Freeze Labels
Blue (2)
Chart ruse (1)
Fluorescent Chartreuse (2)
Pink (1)
White (1)

Shipping Method Labels  

Gloss Paper (9)

Handling Restrictions
Fluorescent Paper (9)
Gloss Paper (6)



Biohazard & Medical
Fluorescent Paper (11)
Gloss Paper (14)

Neck and Body Labels for Cylinders

  1. Vinyl Sheets and rolls (6)