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DOT Placarding requirements Part 172 Subpart F Each person who offers or transports hazardous materials must comply with the placarding requirements.
172.504 General placarding requirements. (a) General. Except as otherwise provided in this subchapter, each bulk packaging, freight container, unit load device, transport vehicle or rail car containing any quantity of a hazardous material must be placarded on each side and each end with the type of placards specified in tables 1 and 2 of this section and in accordance with other placarding requirements of this subpart, including the specifications for the placards named in the tables and described in detail in 172.519 through 172.560.

Hazmat DOT and IMDG-regulated placards to comply with the transportation of hazardous materials US (DOT 49 CFR), and international regulations require that certain materials and substances be correctly identified during transport. We provide placards in several materials including tag board, rigid vinyl and removable or permanent self-stick vinyl. All placards are regulation size at 10.75" x 10.75" and comply with all applicable regulations.To supplement our placards, we offer a variety of accessories including placard holders, orange panels for identifying UN numbers, numbering kits, and rail placards.Get answers to common questions on our Placarding FAQ's page.

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DOT Worded Placards
Rigid Vinyl 
Self-Stick Vinyl
Tag board 

DOT Blank Pre-Printed Placards
Blank Rigid Vinyl 
Blank Self-Stick Vinyl 
Blank Tag board 
Pre-Printed Tag board
Pre-Printed Rigid Vinyl
Pre-Printed Self-Stick
Limited Quantities Mark
Self-Stick Vinyl 

Environmentally Hazardous Substances
Self-Stick Vinyl 
Tag board 


Internal Combustion Placard
Self-Stick Vinyl


Placard Holders Aluminum (3)
Stainless Steel (2)

DOT Flip Placards
Aluminum (12)


Elevated Temperature Mark
Self-Stick Vinyl 



Fumigation Warnings
Self-Stick Vinyl (3)


Orange Panel Marking
Rigid Vinyl 
Self-Stick Vinyl 
Tag board 
Clear Mylar 
White Vinyl 
Numbering Kits
Clear Mylar (4)
White Vinyl (4)
Single Numbers 3 1/2" and 4"
Clear Mylar (18)
White Vinyl (18)
NFPA Decals
Gloss Paper (5)
Magnetic (2)
Self-Stick Vinyl (8)
Vinyl (1)
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