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Hazmat Yellow Absorbents

Hazmat Absorbents for Acids, Flammables, Oxidizers, Poisons and Unknown Liquids

When hazardous or unknown liquids spill, we use hazmat sorbent products for quick, effective response. Hazmat sorbent's are yellow for quick identification in an emergency.

Technology inside
Hazmat/Sonic Bonded - One (1) layer of lint-free Spun Bond fabric is ultrasonically bonded to one (1) layer of Melt Blown sorbent.
Hazmat Pads and Rolls Pads and rolls are made of 100% polypropylene and absorbs most aggressive or caustic fluids. Sonic-bonded "dimples" add strength and fast-wicking power. Hazmat Socks. Socks are used to keep liquids from spreading to larger areas. They are available in 3" diameter with lengths of 4', 8' and 12'.Hazmat Booms are used to contain and absorb large volume spills. Choose 5" or 8" diameters in a 10' length .Hazmat Pillows Toss on to contain the liquid. Easy-to-use, quick-to-absorb. The sizable surface area and amount of fiber allows for quick and efficient containment.
Purchase Options
Product Code Description Size Units/Pkg. Absorbs/Pkg Buy Now
AB-YPB100H Heavy weight pads 15" x 19" 100 29.1 gallons U.S. Store
AB-YPB50H Heavy weight pads 15" x 19" 50 14.6 gallons U.S. Store

AB-YRB150H Heavy weight rolls 30" x 150' 1 55.2 gallons U.S. Store

AB-YRSB150H Heavy weight split rolls 15" x 150' 2 55.2 gallons U.S. Store

AB-YS04010 Absorbent hazmat sock 3" x 4' 10 10 gallons U.S. Store 

AB-YS04030 Absorbent hazmat sock 3" x 4' 30 30 gallons U.S. Store 

AB-YS0815 Absorbent hazmat sock 3" x 8' 15 30 gallons U.S. Store 

AB-YS01210 Absorbent hazmat sock 3" x 12' 10 30 gallons U.S. Store

AB-HZ510SN Absorbent hazmat boom 5" x 10' 4 30 gallons U.S. Store

AB-HZ810SN Absorbent hazmat boom 8" x 10' 4 48 gallons U.S. Store

AB-YPIL818 Absorbent hazmat pillow 8" x 18" 20 26.8 gallons U.S. Store

AB-PARTICU Yellow polypropylene particulate Bag 25 lbs   U.S. Shop

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Heavy weight Pads

Yellow Hazmat Sorbent, Heavyweight Roll, 30' x 150'
Heavy weight rolls

Absorbent hazmat sock

Absorbent hazmat sock

Absorbent Boom 5" x 10'

Absorbent Boom 8 " x 10'
Absorbent pillow 8" x 18"

Absorbent pillow 17" x 21"

Polypropylene particulate

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