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Update alternative workplace labeling and hazard communication program as necessary, and provide additional employee training for newly identified physical or health hazards.

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How the New System works:
Employees will recognize hazards instantly. Simplicity is the key with the OSHA HazCom system as it is a symbols based system to avoid increasing language barriers. Details for the workplace labels will easily be found on the supplier label and transferred on to workplace labels by workers. This system alerts workers of the Health Hazards, Physical Hazards, Environmental Hazards and Target Organ Effects of a chemical. It will also identify the minimum personal protection required when handling Chemicals. The system exceeds the requirements under OSHA HazCom..

Apply workplace labels to old Inventory and new products.

• The employer produces a chemical product in the workplace—except where the product is a hazardous waste; is an intermediary in a reaction; is produced in a laboratory solely for research and development in the laboratory; is in a container or intended solely for export; or is in a container intended for sale or disposition and is or is about to be appropriately labelled.

• An existing supplier label becomes illegible or is accidentally removed and a replacement supplier label is not available.

The label must disclose: The product identifier (Chemical Name, CAS#)
Signal word- There are two signal words in the GHS system - Danger and Warning. These signal words are used to communicate the level of hazard on the label. Danger is the most serve re category 1 and 2,while Warning is used for the less serious Category 3 and 4. There are categories where no signal word is used. Mostly category 5.
GHS Pictogram: Pictogram refers to the GHS symbol on the label and SDS. Not all categories have a symbol associated with them.
Target Organ Effect and Personal Protection Equipment can Also be added to the workplace label.

For more information or a demonstration, please contact customer service 888.442.9628
  1. Supplier Labels all must have a signal word in the text on the left side. On the GHS workplace labels you tick off the signal word box that is needed. In this case DANGER.
  2. Next The GHS symbols on the Drum label will tell you what is needed on the workplace label following the Colored GHS Symbols and Meaning Chart.
    1. Blue= Health Hazard
    2. Red= Physical Hazard
    3. Green= Environmental Hazard
    4. Black= Target Organ Effects
  3. The first GHS symbol on the Drum Label is Flammable hazard. Follow the arrow to the chart and the chart to your GHS workplace label. Do the same for Harmful to Health, and Chronic Health Hazard
  4. Target organ effect this information can only be found on a SDS or on the supplier Label paragraph 2. After reading this information you choose the symbols required by the supplier and add that to your label.
  5. The PPE information is based on your company safety requirements. Or see SDS Binder
  6. Please See our training Manuals for Employers and employees. (see Publication Tab)
  7. Why you don't need Rating any more on your workplace labels
    DANGER and WARNING are your NEW Ratings

    DANGER under GHS= Category 1 and 2 Highest Levels of Danger
    DANGER under NFPA = Rating 4 and 3. NFPA highest levels of Danger

    WARNING Under GHS = Category 3, 4, 5 Lower levels of Danger.
    WARNING Under NFPA = Rating 1 and 2 Lower levels of Danger

    Under GHS there is no 0
    Under NFPA 0 is 0

GHS Workplace Poster English 23"x35" PO-MS54E

GHS Workplace Poster Spanish 23"x35" PO-MS54S

GHS Workplace CHART english 8.5 "x11" PO-CH54

ASK you supplier to add the GHMIS to the supplier labels. This makes for good Responsible Distribution. ICC are members of the NACD

GHMIS™ / Blue, Red, Green GHMIS™ Colour Bars / GHMIS™ Worded Colour Bars are all TRADEMARK™ in Canada
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