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OSHA HazCom GHS Safety warning signs

New GHS warning signs with and without Whmis pictograms or symbols

We Have Taken a different approach to making chemical signs.

We no longer use caution as a signal word. OSHA HazCom GHS uses Warning and that is the ICC standard when making Signs. The old OSHA warning are available on demand.

Teaching and informing employees in the workplace about the
warnings present is our primary concern.
What do we need to make a sign?

Size, Chemical name, or CAS number and PPE for large signs.
ICC can choose the PPE for you from your New SDS.

Signs on this Page a stock items that can be purchased as shown or
ICC can also add OSHA HazCom GHS Pictograms and PPE.

ICC Sign last 7 to 10 years, Material used, outdoor aluminum .080, Rigid Vinyl .020, or stick on Vinyl.
ICC will choose the correct OSHA HazCom GHS phrases needed to comply.
ICC will choose the correct OSHA HazCom pictogram and PPE

Standard Fence Sign: 10" X 14" and 12" X 18" GHS warning classification signs include heading, chemical name, OSHA HazCom GHS warning statements.

PPE Workplace sign: 16" X 24" and 24" X 36" (use when English spanish is required)
OSHA hazCom GHS warning classification signs includes all of the above, OSHA HazCom GHS Pictograms symbols, text and PPE based on your SDS or our stock SDS's. Signs are available in English, english Spanish Bilingual.

Available in Aluminum .040mm Used on sides of buildings, Walls and Fences
Aluminum .080mm Used With poles as a stand alone. thicker to protect against wind.

Note: Examples shown with (*) can be classified with OSHA HazCom GHS pictogram. All Stock Items on this Page available in all sizes and materials on the
 shopping cart.

Available Both ANSI or OSHA
Ansi Code AW

ANSI GHS Warning with
Pictograms and PPE

OSHA GHS Warning with
Pictograms and PPE



Sign Codes - 10" x 14" Fence
  Size Code Language Code Material Code Product Code
SG-WA70 Acid 10 x 14 C English E Pressure Sensitive Vinyl PS CEPS
SG-WA71 Acid Area 10 x 14 C French F Pressure Sensitive Vinyl PS CEPS
SG-WA72 Acid be Careful 10 x 14 C Spanish S Pressure Sensitive Vinyl PS CEPS
SG-WA143 Avoid Beathing Chemical Vapors 10 x 14 C English E Aluminum AL CEAL
SG-WA165 Blasting Area Keep Away 10 x 14 C French F Aluminum AL CEAL
SG-WA191 Carbon Dioxide Gas Discharge 10 x 14 C Spanish S Aluminum AL CEAL
SG-WA195 Carbon Monoxide Area Requires Proper Ventilation  
SG-WA196 Carbon Monoxide May be Present
SG-WA201 Caustic Chemicals Goggles Must be Worn in This Area
SG-WA231 Chain Cylinders
SG-WA232 Check Battery Acid Before Connecting Charger
SG-WA237 Chemical Lines Overhead
SG-WA239 Chemical Storage
SG-AW240 Chemical Storage Area
SG-WA240 Chemical Storage Area Authorized Personnel Area Sign Codes - 16" X 24" Workplace PPE
SG-WA291 Chlorine Area Size Code Language Code Material Code Product Code
SG-WA330 Corrosive 16 x 24 D English E Pressure Sensitive Vinyl PS DEPPEPS
SG-WA331 Corrosive Material 16 x 24 D French F Pressure Sensitive Vinyl PS DEPPEPS
SG-WA439 Flammable 16 x 24 D Spanish S Pressure Sensitive Vinyl PS DEPPEPS
SG-WA460 Flammable Liquid 16 x 24 D English E Aluminum AL DEPPEAL
SG-WA471 Flammable Materials No Smoking 16 x 24 D French F Aluminum AL DEPPEAL
SG-WA571 Hazardous Area Authorized Personnel Only 16 x 24 D Spanish S Aluminum AL DEPPEAL
SG-WA572 Hazardous Chemicals Authorized Personnel Only Material Specifications
SG-WA573 Hazardous Chemicals Handle with Care Material Code Thickness
SG-WA574 Hazardous Material Press Sensitive Vinyl PS .004 mm
SG-AW575 Hazardous Material Storage Area Aluminum AL .040 mm, .064 mm, .080 mm
SG-AW576 Hazardous Material Storage Area Unauthorized Employees Keep Out
SG-WA1100* SG-WA71* SG-WA1200* SG-WA2000* SG-WA2200*
SG-WA1700* SG-WA100* SG-WA2370* SG-WA165* SG-WA571*
SG-WA220 SG-WA2300* SG-WA2400* SG-WA800* SG-WA6060*
SG-WA46P* SG-WA2800* SG-WA30P*  
SG-WA195* SG-WA6050* SG-WA2320* SG-WA237* SG-WA39P*
SG-WA900* SG-WA40P* SG-WA1400* SG-WA8920* SG-WA8940*
SG-WA8700* SG-WA44P* SG-WA45P* SG-WA46P* SG-WA460*

SG-WA471*   2015 202 Page General Catalog
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