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Fire-Quenching Material Pipe Markers

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ICC Wrap Around GHS and ANSI System Pipemarkers

Pipes that contain Fire-quenching Materials must be labeled with the proper identification. Let ICC help with our Pipe Marker labels.
    Materials that Require a Label:
  • Water
  • Foam
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Halon™

Also Available New Sheet High performance Wrap around Vinyl

Our Fire Pipe markers are available in English or French or Both.
ICC markers were designed to wrap completely around pipes.
Durability:8 years in USA and canada
Service Temp:-29 C to 93 C
Minimum Application Temp:19 C
Surface Prep: Clean & Dry

ICC WrapAround Pipe markers are manufactured with rigid outdoor 5 year outdoor grade vinyl, surface is printed with UV resistant inks

ICC WrapAround pipe markers information is a fast and easy way to mark oily, rust or wet pipes.
Application: Un roll and Snap it around the pipe. Built-in UV protection,
Perfect for use in extreme cold temperatures, Great flexibility, Ideal for identifying rough pipes

Pipes that contain Fire-Quenching Material Pipe Markers
Let ICC help with our New WrapAround Pipe Marker.
Pipe markers of these classification types are printed as White on Red
WrapAround Pipe marker Without Left or Right Arrows

Codes For Vinyl Adhesive PM-AO ANSI SYSTEM
Codes For WrapAround PM-1A1WAR R = right arrows
Codes For WrapAround PM-1A1WAR L = Left arrows

ICC New WrapAround Pipe markers

Ansi Piper Markers

Pipe Diameter:
.75" - 1.25"
1.5" - 2"
2.5" - 6"
8" - 10"
Over 10"
Letter Height:
Label Length:
6" to 9"
9" to 12"
14" to 20"
24" to 30"
32" to 40"
Direction of Arrows

Left - L | Right - R
Black on Yellow Vinyl

Custom Pipe marker Quotation Request

These high-quality pipe markers are printed on pressure-sensitive vinyl which is chemical resistant and resists fading and scratching. It is recommended that pipes should be marked at both sides of floor or wall penetration, adjacent to changes in direction, adjacent to all valves and flanges and every 25’ to 50’ intervals on straight runs. Stock ANSI A13.1 or Canadian CGSB Standards. Both of these standards comply. ICC Compliance Center stocks all pure chemicals with the proper names, direction arrows and classification. Click here

Fire Name
White on Red

Pipe Size .75" to 1.25"
Length 6" to 9"
Pipe Size 1.5" to 2"
Length 9" to 12 "
Pipe Size 2.5" to 6 "
Length 14 " to 20 "
Pipe Size 8"" to 10 "
Length 24 " to 30 "
Carbon Dioxide PM-C02A1WA Left or right PM-C02B1WA Left or right PM-C02C5WA Left or right PM-C02D6WA Left or right
Carbon Dioxide PM-C02A1 PM-C02B3 PM-C02C5 PM-C02D6
Carbon foam PM-CA20A1WA Left or right PM-CB20B3WA Left or right PM-CC20C5WA Left or right PM-CD20D6WA Left or right
Carbon foam PM-CA20A1 PM-CB20B3 PM-CC20C5 PM-CD20D6
Fire Auto Sprinklers PM-F05A2WA Left or right PM-F05B4WA Left or right PM-F05C6WA Left or right PM-F05D6WA Left or right
Fire Auto Sprinklers PM-F05A2 PM-F05B4 PM-F05C6 PM-F05D6
Fire water protection PM-F08A2WA L or R PM-F08B5WA Lor R PM-F08C6WA L or R PM-F08D6WA L or R
Fire water protection PM-F08A2 PM-F08B5 PM-F08C6 PM-F08D6
Halon PM-H01A1WA L or R PM-H01B2WA Lor R PM-H01C3WA L or R PM-H01D4WA L or R
Halon PM-H01A1 PM-H01B2 PM-H01C3 PM-H01D4
Sprinkler PM-S18A1WA L or R PM-S18B2WA Lor R PM-S18C3WA L or R PM-S18D4WA L or R
Sprinkler PM-S18A1 PM-S18B2 PM-S18C3 PM-S18D4
Sprinkler Fire PM-S19A1WA L or R PM-S19B2WA Lor R PM-S19C3WA L or R PM-S19D4WA L or R
Sprinkler Fire PM-S19A1 PM-S19B2 PM-S19C3 PM-S19D4
Sprinkler network PM-S40A1WA Left or right PM-S40B2WA Left or right PM-S40C5WA Left or right PM-S40D6WA Left or right
Sprinkler network PM-S40A1 PM-S40B2 PM-S40C5 PM-S40D6
Sprinkler water PM-S20A1WA Left or right PM-S20B3WA Left or right PM-S20C5WA Left or right PM-S20D6WA Left or right
Sprinkler water PM-S20A1 PM-S20B3 PM-S20C5 PM-S20D6