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Our Biological Substance Pressure bags comply with all applicable regulations, including UN, US DOT, ICAO, IATA, CDC and USPS.

The Best Protection for Your Clinical Supplies Transportation
ICC Compliance Center produces a range of packaging systems designed to provide the ultimate temperature protection for your Biological Substance Category B products and your investment in them – wherever in the world you need to ship them.

ICC has established itself as a recognized brand world wide in packaging solutions for the transportation of dangerous goods. We are first choice to many leading petrochemical, biomedical and pharmaceutical organizations with over 27 years of experience, offering expert advice and guidance to shippers of all types of Dangerous Goods
Total Solutions High quality UN certified packaging

Providing over 1000's of different products.ICC offers one of the largest ranges of packaging, including inner, single, and combination packaging to thermal control and packaging suitable for PI 650. Our goods are available off the shelf for next day delivery with no minimum order quantity.

We can provide all your training needs for anyone involved in the transportation of dangerous goods.

This catalog(ue) includes our all-new Bio Pack+ biological substances packaging line, foam coolers, our revolutionary Airliner® inflatable box liner and much more.
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Pressure Bags

95 kPa Pressure-Tested Secondary Bag with Trilingual Label, 6" x 8.5"
95 kPa Pressure-Tested Secondary Bag with Trilingual Label, 11" x 12"

Our secondary bags have been hydrostatically tested to meet 95 kPa, and are printed 2-color in three languages.
Product Code: BI-BIOBAG1 
Description: 6" x 8" leak proof bag 
 U.S. Store  

Biohazard Bag (Type B) 
Product Code: BI-BIOBAG2 
Description: 11.25" x 10" leak proof bag
 U.S. Store  
To order please call Customer Service at: 888.442.9628 


Biological Substance Specimen Bag Pressure Bags

Biological Substance Specimen Bag

This is the inner component of our diagnostic/biological substance, Category B shipper PK-DIANAMB (diagnostic shipper). These 7.5" x 11" bags are available separately, but require proper compliance to applicable regulations including proper outer box markings. Each patented bag has an absorbent laminated to the inside panels, so there is no need to use absorbent strips when preparing the sample for shipment. A pouch for paperwork is heat sealed on the rear panel of each bag.

To release the adhesive liner, fold the closure lip of the bag backwards and roll your thumbs upward. This will separate the liner from the adhesive. After sealing the bag, rub both bag edges to ensure a secure seal.

Dimensions: 7.5" x 11" (19.05cm x 27.94cm) 
Case Qty: 500 
Product Code: PK-BIOBAG 

To order please call Customer Service at: 888.442.9628 

Dual Leak proof Bag System
  • Primary Bag with Biohazard Marking
  • Secondary Bag, 95 kPa Approved
Product Code Description Buy Now
PK-INF710 Primary: 7" x 8" (17.78cm x 10.32cm) U.S. Store 
Secondary: 6" x 8.5" (15.24cm x 21.59cm)

PK-INF740 Primary: 9" x 12" bag (22.86cm x 30.48cm) U.S. Store 


Heat Seal Pressure Bags

These bags were developed by ICC and approved by Transport Canada to make non-tested inner's comply with pressure test requirements for shipping liquids by air.

Product Code Box Qty Dimensions Shop Now
BI-BSS1 2000 2.25" x 9" (5.72cm x 22.86cm) U.S. Shop

BI-BSS3 1000 4" x 9" (10.16cm x 22.86cm) U.S. Shop 

BI-BSS4 500 14" x 26" (35.56cm x 66.04cm) U.S. Shop  

BI-BSS5 1000 9" x 14" (22.86cm x 35.56cm) U.S. Shop  

BI-BSS7 500 20" x 30" (50.8cm x 76.2cm) U.S. Shop  

BI-BSS11 1000 7" x 24" (17.78cm x 60.96cm) U.S. Shop  

BI-BSS12 500 10" x 30" (25.4cm x 76.2cm) U.S. Shop  

BI-BSS13 250 30" x 30" (76.2cm x 76.2cm) U.S. Shop  





Heat Sealers  Available by phone only

Electric heat sealers are mandatory for use with pressure bags to comply with 95 kPa requirements. Special thermal control prevents weak and burn-through seals.

Code Description
BI-HS2 12" heat sealer
BI-HS3 16" heat sealer
BI-TEFLON12 Replacement Teflon TM 12"
BI-TEFLON16 Replacement Teflon TM 16"
BI-WIRES12 Replacement Wires 12"
BI-WIRES16 Replacement Wires 16"
BI-SILICO12 Replacement Silicon 12"
BI-SILICO16 Replacement Silicon 16"

Available by phone only These items are available only by phone.

To order now, call our customer relations department:
US 888.442.9628 • Canada 888.977.4834

For fastest ordering, reference the product codes of the items you wish to order (if available).


Tape Seal Pressure Bags

These bags are hydrostatically tested to meet 95 kPa pressure requirements as outlined in the 49 CFR, IATA,Transport Canada and ICAO regulations. These bags are easy-to-use and do not require a heat sealer, but rather tapes closed. Simply add your non-pressure tested inner, peel the backing off the adhesive edge, and press firmly.

Product Code Dimensions Shop Now
BI-BIOBAG1B 6" x 8"  (usable space) U.S. Shop  
BI-BIOBAG2B 11.25" x 10"  (usable space) U.S. Shop  


Biohazard Bag (Type A)
Product Code: BI-BIOBAG1 
Description: 6" x 8" leak proof bag 

U.S. Store

Biohazard Bag (Type B)
Product Code: 
Description: 11.25" x 10" leak proof bag 

U.S. Store 
Biohazard Zip lock Bags

Primary leak proof vapor barrier bag with English, French, and Spanish biohazard label is available in two sizes.

Product Code Description Buy Now
PK-BI4754PE 7" x 8" bag  U.S. Store  

PK-BI4755PE 9" x 12" bag  U.S. Store  
Biosorb Absorbent Strips (Pack of 100)

Biosorb™ Absorbent Strips (Packs of 100)

Our BIOSORB absorbent strips are a fiber-based paper bonded with BIOSORB absorbent. Each strip is 4.25" x 2.25" (10.8cm x 5.72cm) which will absorb 53.15 ml urine or 31.89 ml blood. Available in packages of 100.

Product Code: AB-INFSTRIP 
Case Qty: 5000 (50 packs of 100) 

  • Basis Weight: sq. ft.
  • Weight of Absorbent: sq. ft.
  • Thickness: 26.2 mil
  • Tensile Strength (Machine Direction): 2.2 lbs./in.
  • Elongation (Machine Direction): 13.2%
  • Yield: 2.8 sq. yd's./lb.
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U.S. Store  
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